Help Your Kids Calm Their Mind- How to make a Mind Jar

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Our children are growing up in an increasingly agitated, mentally overloaded world. While this is an exciting time to live with almost any information being available at your finger tips (whether it’s correct or not is a different story), it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Many children have after school activities every day and don’t spend much time just being and noticing their own mind and body. Creating a mind jar is a quick and simple way to introduce mindfulness and relaxation to children and it doesn’t cost much to create something that can be used day after day. This activity is suitable for all ages (even babies can enjoy the finished product).
Be still
Stillness reveals the secrets of eternityLao Tzu
You will need:

*An empty jar. (Any size jar is fine, we like to ones around the size of a jam jar. You can also buy them from discount shops but recycling is always the best option).

*Glitter, glitter glue or small glitter shapes eg stars hearts etc.

*Water (Hot if you use glitter glue)

Optional: 1.Glycerine, clear liquid soap or glue may be added with hot water. 2. Food colouring for coloured water.

Step 1: Clean out empty jar.

Step 2: Add glitter

Step 3: Add water and optional extras if desired to slow down the movement of the glitter or colour the water.

Step 4: Put lid on. (You may want to hot glue the lid so it won’t come off).

That’s it, it’s made!





How to use your jar.

For younger kids just letting them play and watch the glitter move around the jar can be enough, but when you feel your child can understand, you can read this simple script to them to help them understand their mind better and be able to calm their mind even when they don’t have their jar.

Imagine the jar is your mind. If you’re moving a lot and jumping from one thing to the next and thinking about lots of different things it can be fun and exciting but your mind never gets a rest! It just swirls around like the glitter and eventually makes you feel tired and sometimes cranky. Notice what happens when we let the jar becomes still, the glitter starts to slow down and eventually rests completely in the jar. The same thing happens to your mind. If you keep your body still, your thoughts slowly start to slow down and your mind and body can start to rest before your mind is worn out.

There are many ways you can use the jar, it’s only limited by your imagination. After school is a great time- if you drive you can keep it in your car or when you get home set a timer and sit together watching the glitter move around and then settle. It’s also great as a bed time wind down. Try making one together and let me know how you use it in the comments.