Self Care- Inner Child part 2

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  • This month focusing on nurturing my inner child has been a great opportunity to discover the root of my current habits and allowed me to release issues I was unaware of. I could go into detail about the specifics and maybe that would be helpful to some but I prefer to share an overview of how I approached this so you can be lead by your own inner child.

    Many days this month where simply about allowing small things that gave me joy as a child, such as having my hair braided, marveling at the lights of the Vivid Festival from Bondi and doing handstands. Some of the things my inner child wanted were a source of conflict with chocolate being the most prominent. On digging a little deeper it wasn’t really the chocolate itself but an escape from emotions I was craving. With some help from inner dialog (yes I talked to myself, I’m not crazy I promise), I allowed my emotions to move through me naturally and pass. I hope to be able to help my children in this way but it’s a work in progress (I already want to listen to myself, they don’t)!

    I used meditation as a means to examine my behaviours and find the source by asking my inner child for guidance, which helped me release old tensions and be calmer and less reactive with the kids.

    During this time of course I had to spend time nurturing my relationship with my actual children (including a trip to the hospital for Mr 7), but having my emotional needs met kept my cup full so it was far easier to help fill the kids cups. Cheers to self care that costs nothing!