Nurturing the Inner Child

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Becoming Your Own Parent

As parents we often have fears about how our actions are affecting our childrens development and if we are “getting it right”. Much of this stems from our own childhood experiences and the way they have shaped our current behaviours. Modern psychology makes it easy to blame our parents for the way we unconsciously respond to the world and have trouble changing our behaviours. While it’s true the way you were treated as a child impacts the adult you become, your parents have done their job getting you to adulthood, where it’s your turn to take over and do the real work of becoming the best version of yourself. Only after accepting responsibility to be your own parent, can you truly be the best parent to your children. This doesn’t mean being perfect, never getting angry or making mistakes; that doesn’t teach your child anything. It means owning your emotions and struggles and working through them as gracefully as possible.


The Challenge

This month I’ve created a challenge for myself to nurture my inner child. This means doing one thing each day to remind the little girl I was that I love her and will look after her. I’d love you to join me.

What does this mean?

  • Doing things that made you happy as a child
  • Forgiving people who may have impacted you as a child
  • Treating yourself kindly, just as you wanted to be treated as a child

Day 1

So this was technically before day one but I’d like to start with this anyway! When I was a kid I always wanted to have my hair done in braids. My parents couldn’t do it for me so I learned how to do it myself. I recently went to a wedding in Bali and used the opportunity to have an amazing holiday. On the last day I decided I would get my hair braided to kick off the challenge early. I think my inner child would love to keep them in for weeks but I’m going to let the boys pull them out tonight (they love playing with my hair).

Will you join the challenge?

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