Prenatal Yoga versus Regular Classes

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Congratulations, you’re pregnant! So you’ve been practicing Yoga for a while, you know your body well and you’re excited about the changes happening as you grow a new little person inside you. Do you continue with your usual practice or change to a prenatal class?
It’s perfectly fine to continue a regular practice with a few modifications both for comfort and safety. Most Yoga teacher trainings teach the minimum necessary to safely teach pregnant women (please discuss this with your teacher). There are however, far more benefits to participating in a prenatal class.

The Social Aspect
If it’s your first baby, nothing can prepare you for the changes that will happen in your life as a mum. Having a good social network is vital for support as you navigate each new stage of parenthood. Why not start building that network before you have a baby demanding all of your time. Making friends in the same life stage as you helps make the transition that little bit easier.

Prenatal Yoga is Designed with You in Mind!
A prenatal class is tailored to suit the needs of pregnant women. Not only can it help with aches and pains associated with pregnancy but it can help you prepare for birth and motherhood.

Feel More Supported
Whilst your regular teacher no doubt cares about your wellbeing, most prenatal teachers want to be there as support specific to your needs as a soon to be Mum and likely have a network of trusted people to refer you to, should you have a particular issue. We love hearing of the birth of your child and here at Kutumba we hope to continue our relationship through Mums and Bubs or private classes, so we can continue to support your growth as a Mum and your baby’s development.