The Benefits of Mums and Bubs Yoga

Loren Uncategorized

Many Mums come to Mums and Bubs Yoga not knowing what to expect. For most they are happy to have a stretch and some relaxation without needing a babysitter. Luckily the benefits go far beyond that for both Mum and baby.

Benefits for Mum
Stretching out a tired body and getting some much needed relaxation are for sure great benefits, but beyond that having time to bond with your baby without other distractions is a huge benefit. Mums can also strengthen their body and recover after pregnancy and birth, your body may not ever be exactly the same as it was before having a baby but that doesn’t make it any less amazing. Strong confident mothers can take on the world from a whole new perspective and bringing up confident, happy children truly benefits everyone -you might even have given birth to a future Prime Minister or Environmental Leader who changes the world! OK that’s getting a little ahead of ourselves!

Benefits for Baby
I can’t speak for all classes on this one as each teacher is different, but I can tell you what you will get from a Kutumba Yoga class.
Babies are equally as important as Mums in our classes. We incorporate massage, Baby Yoga and songs to keep the babies happy and engaged. Babies begin to learn gross motor skills, language and early mathematical concepts and most importantly re-enforce the parent child bond. The increasing confidence gained through these activities will no doubt be needed when they are taking on the world!

Whether you attend Kutumba Yoga classes or other classes we highly recommend Mums and Bubs Yoga, or even Dads, Nans, Pops and Bubs Yoga (why should everyone else miss out)!