Why do kids need Yoga?

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Many adults have trouble unwinding at the end of a busy week. The stress of day to day life and parenting can often be difficult cope with which can often affect the way you relate to your children. Imagine if you had been given tools as a child to be able to cope with stress and the pressures of life and then continued using them into adulthood. Many children are already starting to feel pressure, whether it be internal; like wanting to be better at sport or school, or external; like meeting parents expectations. Even without any obvious reason many children experience early signs of anxiety and depression. If we can give children the help they need to understand and regulate their emotions, we could help prevent these issues from escalating. Kids Yoga provide the perfect opportunity for kids to explore their mind and body in a fun, supported environment. One seven year old girl said “Yoga makes me feel happy and calm and like being kind to everyone” after doing Yoga Bears classes.
The Benefits of Kids Yoga
*Improved concentration and focus
*Developing balance and motor skills
*Learning to manage anxiety and stress
*Learning calming skills
*Positive sel-esteem and confidence
*Increase chance of making healthy choices
*Improved social skills

(Please note Yoga is not a substitute for counselling but is a great when used in conjunction, please seek help from a counsellor if you feel it’s needed).